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Senior Pictures Of My Nephew | Senior Portraits Mesa

I recently did senior pictures of my nephew Josh. Although I’ve been photographing him for a long time this was special. He has always been such a great kid and is now at Arizona State University. Before I photographed him we talked and he had a lot of great ideas for some shots that he wanted.  I love photographing seniors anyway, but it’s great to get some input into what they are thinking and know that I am creating images that stay true to who they are and how they want to represent themselves. Josh is such a creative and interesting kid, we had a great time incorporating some of his interests into his shots.

I am amazed at his confidence at the ripe old age of 18 and his ability to hang out with adults with ease. It’s surreal looking through the camera at this big 6 foot 4 kid who only yesterday was running through the sprinklers and watching “Veggie Tales” in our family room.  Pretty cool for me to do his photos. He’s my third nephew that I’ve had the privilege of photographing. As I see his photographs, I see the culmination of all those years growing up and see a boy transitioning into a man.

Check out this video of Josh

Hope Realized | Family Photographer Gilbert

I love this photo, not because it’s the “worlds greatest family photo” because as art goes, it’s pretty underwhelming.  But if you look at the faces of the adults you see the beauty that Jon and I see in this shot.  As many of you, our friends and clients know, our 2 beautiful daughters came to us by way of adoption.  We started this journey about 3 years ago with a core group of about 8 other couples as part of a support group for adoptive families formed through an organization called “With Child.” I can remember looking around this room of couples, all with different stories yet we were all the same.  We all really, really wanted to be parents.  We came together every month or so, to support each other, pray together and sometimes cry the tears of joy and sadness as we experienced the ups and downs of adoption together. It took a little over 2 years, but the entire core group now has the delightful sounds of little feet running and crawling through our homes, (and in our case photo studio).

This photograph was an impromptu shot taken at one of our get-togethers in February.  It’s a snapshot of the happy faces of hope realized. What a miracle!

Valley Christian High School Music Groups

Jon and I recently visited Valley Christian High School, located in Chandler, to photograph some of their music groups.  We usually go to the school a few times during the year to take pictures of their various extracurricular activity groups so they can put them in their yearbook.  We enjoy seeing the kids because we photographed a lot of them during the summertime for their senior pictures.  It’s great to see them throughout the year.  I can tell they’re getting excited about graduation coming up in May.  -Mary

High School Senior Pictures Photographers

Golf 4 Wheels

I recently had the opportunity to play golf in a charity tournament, which raised money to buy wheelchairs, to benefit those in need in Guatemala. I always love playing golf and it’s especially great when it’s for a great cause, talk about a win-win!  As a photographer I often take for granted my own mobility. When I’m taking senior pictures or family pictures at our portrait studio I’m always climbing up a ladder or getting down on my knees in some position that requires a lot of mobility. During the tournament our foursome came up to one of the tee boxes and saw an empty wheel chair. We were offered an opportunity to try to hit our golf ball while sitting in that wheelchair. Talk about a fish out of water. I flailed around with my driver and after several misses finally hit the ball but not quite the direction I was hoping. After that experience I  felt a great deal of appreciation for my ability to get around. I am looking forward to the next Golf 4 Wheels tournament next year.