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Seton Class of 2010 | Senior Pictures Chandler

We had the pleasure of photographing the Seton graduates the day of their Baccalaureate rehearsal.  We do this every year and today we photographed the largest class to date, almost 140 kids.  We also photograph individuals of any of the kids that want a solo photo and we do a photo of the entire class inside the church.  Now mind you, these kids are D-O-N-E with classes, graduation is tomorrow, so, if anyone had cause to be… as you might expect… suffering big time from  “senioritis” it should be these guys.  But what we had was 140 really great, fun, happy co-operative kids.  They were excited and easy to work with.  We had to incorporate about 30 or more bodies than past years, so it took a little while to arrange everyone properly for the shot.  They were patient and flexible, we were amazed and grateful. They gave us smiling faces and zero attitude.  Really, I don’t know what to say but, thank you!  Thanks so much to the Class of 2010 Seton graduates!  You guys are a pretty impressive group! We will miss you.

Jon and I wish you all the best and may God Bless you in your endeavors!  Here are a couple of photos of these extraordinary teens.   ~Bethany

Building The Future | Senior Portraits Gilbert

As many of you know Gilbert Christian Schools is building a new high school campus. I have been going over to the construction site and documenting the progress. It’s been fun to see the progress these past few months. This is going to be a great campus. Visit the Gilbert Christian Schools website for information about the new high school.

This video is dedicated to the GCHS class of 2010. Even though they won’t be in this building they  paved they way for those who will be. I hope they come back to visit and inspire the future GCHS students. It have enjoyed seeing them grow up these few years. Congratulations and enjoy!


I hope you enjoy the short video below.

Honoring # 31, A Job Well Done | Senior Portraits Chandler

Over the years we have been fortunate to get to know the Robertson family.  They have come into Lamar Studios for family photography, puppy photos, senior pictures and sister photos among other things.  So when Melinda, their mom, called us to see if we would photograph her beautiful daughters for a special honor they we were receiving we said YES!

All 3 girls attended Valley Christian High School, and were very active in athletics, especially basketball.  The girls wore the same number on their jersey, (I think it’s the one mom wore when she was in high school}, number 31.  Since Quinn, the youngest of the three is now graduating, the school has decided to retire the jersey number 31 as a special honor to the  Robertson girls for all their hard work and contribution to VCHS’s auspicious girls athletic program over the years… Yea, they were that good! Isn’t that cool???

Anyway, we wanted to say “a big congratulations” to Alex, Lyndsay, and Quinn Robertson.  Way to go girls!  ~ Bethany

Baby Makes Three / Mesa Az Baby Photographer

Jon and Erin recently brought their beautiful 3 month old baby girl Sophie into the studio for the first session of her “babies 1st year series”.   I really think the baby stuff we do is my absolute favorite.  Probably because I am strongly  aware of  how meaningful these images will continue to be to them over the years. The feelings of  happiness, exhaustion, fear, excitement… all of it comes flooding back when you look at  images of a new baby.  Newborns are still so mysterious at that age, I think, because you’re just starting to get to know their little personalities and expressions and habits.  They in turn are getting to know you as well.  What a beautiful time. Baby Sophie looks so much like her daddy.  She has a really strong connection to him.  So much so that, Erin told me when he travels for work, Sophie doesn’t really sleep… which means mommy doesn’t sleep either, but I guess that’s a small price to pay for a strong daddy, baby bond. : )

Anyway, here is a little sample of this beautiful family of 3.  Can’t wait to see them in a few months for session number 2.


Agritopia Fun Triathlon

Today was the 3rd annual Fun Triathlon for the neighborhood kids. I am proud to say that Lamar Studios Photography is a sponsor of the Fun Triathlon here in Agritopia. The cool thing is that I live in this great neighborhood that has a good sense of community. I can’t believe how many families we know here compared to our old neighborhood.

I forgot that the triathlon was today so when I heard a commotion outside I jumped up, grabbed my camera and hightailed it out the door just as it was getting started. Watching the parents is as much fun as watching the kids. Most of the parents are just as excited as the kids. They could be wearing a shirt that says, “Proud Parent” but hey don’t have to because it’s written on their faces and I love it. The kids often look like they are in pain (I know I would be) while the parents are happily cheering them to go faster and try harder.  It’s great to see all the volunteers directing kids and traffic. It’s a little like organized chaos but never a dull moment.

Some day my girls may be in the race too. I certainly hope so, or a least I hope they want to be in some type of sport. The main thing for me is that this type of thing brings our community together.  Belonging to a neighborhood, that’s what I like about Agritopia.


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