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Caleb’s Senior Pictures | Senior Portraits Mesa

Senior portraits mesasenior portraits mesa
senior portraits mesa
I had a lot of fun photographing Caleb. Senior Portraits Mesa is another website I am trying to produce just for seniors in and around the Mesa area.

Festive Fall Photographs | Children’s Photographer AZ

Here are a few of the photographs from our Pumpkin Patch Pics event. My little girl is the cute cowgirl. Child Princess PhotographSWAT child family photographer Mesa AZ
Children's Photographer MesaI had a really great time with our Pumpkin Patch photographs this year. This was the best fall set I think I have ever seen except for Mother Nature in New England. There were so many great costumes. I am always surprised at how many different costumes there are and how creative people are.

We photographed a duck and some turkeys and a few princesses, a cowgirl, a clown and few ninjas. There were more but you’ll have to look at our facebook page to see all of them.

I always enjoy photographing the kids in their costumes. It seems like Halloween is  as much or more for the parents. Being a parent myself I confess that I enjoy seeing my little girls all dressed up. Often the children are struggling to walk in their costumes with out falling down or they are trying to pull the hat or head off.

All in all it was a success, although I would like to see more people next year. Next year will be even better.