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Corey’s Senior Pictures | Gilbert Photography

I love photographing high school seniors and Corey is no exception. I could tell when he came in that this was not what he would choose to do with his free time. He was really nice and very polite but like a lot of high school boys didn’t relish the idea of getting his picture taken.

I came to find out that he likes being behind the camera and is a cinematographer and likes shooting and editing. After I found out that we had something in common, we started talking shop and I was asking him all about his passion. Although I like cinema, I don’t know that much about editing so Corey shared his experience with me.

As we talked, I was able to shoot a more confident Corey and got some great natural shots of him. Once I heard he was into video I knew there was a shot I wanted to get. I’m glad he brought his camera because it helped me tell a story. I envisioned a sort of backlit slightly mysterious photograph leaving a lot the interpretation up to the viewer. Only after we finished shooting and I was prepping the images for viewing did I get the idea for the “cinema verite” poster. It just seemed to fit and had a very sixties look.

I am often inspired by the seniors who come in and are open to sharing a little bit of their lives with me. It always helps me in my photography and I love learning what they are into.

Meredith’s Senior Pictures | Senior Portraits Queen Creek

Today my wife is visiting with one of her favorite friends, which reminded me of the senior pictures we did of her daughter Meredith. Although she graduated a while ago and is at college now I wanted to write about her.

Meredith loves horses and would work at a stable just to have the privilege of riding and taking care of the horses. When we set up her photo shoot we wanted to tell a story of her and her love for those magnificent animals.

We wanted to do the shoot on location and ended up in a great place even if it had some limitations. As you may know, it’s not always easy finding greenery and barns in the Phoenix area. I am always amazed by what we can pull off with the right lenses and equipment to make it look like there is so much more there than really is.

This photo shoot was truly a team effort all the way from the actual photography to the right clothing to the people getting the horses to look the right way.  My wife had the idea for the shot of Meredith swinging while the horse grazes in the background. I am so jealous of those mid west photographers who have lots of greenery and room to photograph but we made it work and that’s what great shoots are all about.

All in all I was really glad we could pull it off with everyone’s help. Thanks to Meredith, Bethany, Frank, Sandy, Linda, Jerome and whoever else was there.  You all helped capture that special time in her life.