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Shoot For The Moon | Arizona Photographer

I went out to photograph the perigee moon. That is when the moon appears it’s largest due to the orbit. It’s pretty rare so I thought it would be fun to see it and get a cool photograph.

I used to say that being there is 90% of getting the shot when photographing landscapes but who knows exactly what percentage it is. The point is that if you aren’t there you get nothing.  If you prepare for a shoot and know what you are doing then you show up and let Mother Nature do her thing.

Of course things don’t always go as planned.  If it’s one you can count on in Arizona, it’s the weather. It’s normally clear blue skies, sunny and warm but not on this day. I knew we were getting some clouds and some kind of weather system so when I went out and could see the moon through the clouds I thought that would be a great shot.  I like photographing the moon with clouds and something on the horizon like mountains or buildings, otherwise it is just a big white ball and doesn’t mean much.

Before I got in the car with my gear to get a good spot I went in my back yard and shot a couple of frames hand held just to see what I might get. Well I got one shot and the moon disappeared so I got in the car and drove to my location and waited like a fisherman for the ‘big one’.

The moon never came out again.  I only had one shot and it wasn’t great. I was a little disappointed but photography isn’t always about getting the perfect shot but also the process. Even though I didn’t get the shot I wanted I enjoyed going out and trying. Photography is just like the rest of life. You make your plans and do everything right and it still doesn’t work out sometimes.

That’s photography, that’s life. Enjoy the process!

The Perigee Moon

Agritopia Project | Gilbert Arizona Photographer

I live in Agritopia, a unique neighborhood in Gilbert Arizona that was intentionally designed to create a sense of belonging to a community and knowing and caring for our neighbors. My experience is that this has happened to a certain degree but what if I sat down and spent time with them in an interview.

I was told that at one time that I should be on Face Book, Twitter and blog, because it is good for business. I did this but it seemed a bit forced and a lot of the blogs I was writing just seemed like I was doing it because I was supposed to.

This is where Agritopia comes into play. People live in this community for a reason. Why are they here, where did they come from. I think it would be interesting to interview the people in the neighborhood, take some photos in a more journalistic style and then blog about my encounter with them.

I’ll update you later. I hope to post my first one soon. I am eager to see what this will look like. I have my ideas but things often morph into something else.

Water Babies | Gilbert Arizona Photographer

My girls love to play in the water. My wife caught a few shots of the girls with the camera I got her for Mother’s Day. Those girls love water, dirt, rocks and fancy shoes. I am so blessed by them in so many ways.

Agritopia Garden | Gilbert Photographer

This Saturday I went with Bethany and our two girls to our local coffee shop, wisely named The Coffee Shop. I love being able to walk through our beautiful neighborhood and getting my favorite coffee and seeing my neighbors. After a while we strolled over to the Agritopia Garden to look at all the community garden plots. It’s really lot of fun to grow your own vegetables so I am told.  We don’t have our spot in the community garden yet but hope to have one soon.

The thing I love about our Agritopia community is that I see so many of our friends and neighbors when I go for a walk or get a cup of joe at The Coffee Shop. We also like going to Joe’s Farm Grill as well when we get a chance but with two small girls we need to keep moving.

Any way I can’t wait to get our little garden spot so my girls can go digging and play in the dirt. They sure do like dirt. While walking back to our house we saw a man who was picking carrots and gave a few to the girls. They loved it and when we got back home we washed the carrots and the girls ate them. Here are a few pictures of us wandering through the garden area. It really is the simple things in life that are so special to me.

Playing With Swords | Senior Pictures Chandler

When Ricky came in for senior pictures he brought a few changes of clothes and seemed like any average seventeen year old boy. In some ways he was a normal teenager, but when I started talking with him and asking about what he likes doing, he said he was into fencing. Yeah, that’s right, with swords.

How cool is that, swords. That was every boy’s dream growing up. We would make a sword out of anything. So here was this guy in my studio who is competes in sword fights and he didn’t want to bring his sword fighting gear because he thought it was weird or something like that.

We kept talking and I told him I thought it was the coolest and I wanted him to come back so I could make some great shots of him in his fencing gear. I told him it was for me and I had some ideas and would he do it for me if not for himself.

He came back and we did a bunch of shots and I’ve posted a few that I like. When he and his family ordered his senior pictures the majority of them were from the fencing shoot.

Rod Stewart sang “Every picture tells a story” which is true but I often find that when I know someone’s story it leads to a picture.  When I take the time to find out even a little bit about someone I am usually blessed and go away richer for it. Thanks to Ricky for sharing a little bit of who he is I had more fun shooting and got some cool images for both of us.