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Studio Photography | Expert Portraits

Why use a professional photographer? There are many advantages to using a professional photographer and their studio to shoot a subject.

  • Light manipulation is one of them.The ability to be able to splash light on certain areas and darken others make the subject really stand out. Obviously this can’t be done outside a studio because one is forced to work with the outdoor light rather than manipulate the light themselves to work for them.
  • Props! Just like the movies or television, props are used to convey a certain feeling. In a studio, clients are able to bring different props like a cello, a sword, or a catcher’s mitt to pose with. This advantage of bringing a prop helps the picture display the subjects personal hobbies or interests.
  • Wardrobe changes are another way clients can express themselves by bringing outfits that represent their lifestyle to the studio. Military uniforms, nurse scrubs, or even something as simple as a beautiful sundress are often brought to the studio.

The photo shown is Hannah  a law student at ASU. She did not bring a gabble, but she did take a stunning photo obviously. The first photo shows off her fun attitude, with her polka dot dress and vintage white glasses. And the final two are great examples of light manipulation in the studio. The light here hits her just so that it splashes off her left shoulder and illuminates her face.


Indian Dancer | Photography

Some photo shoots are routine, but every once in awhile we have the pleasure of getting to go outside the norm. In this case, Anjli and her family welcomed us to shoot in their home and fed us after, which is a rare treat! Anjli was preparing for her Bharatanatyam Arangetram. This is an ancient Indian dance, signifying Anjli has graduated from the art of bharatanatyam, and this means she has trained under a respected guru (teacher) for around 4 to 6 years. The dress worn is incredibly intricate and beautiful as you can see. We shot for a couple hours while she got into specific poses and expressed varying emotion. It was a great experience and her family was very gracious to cook for us and invite us into their home.

Wild Horses | Senior Pictures

Recently, I did a senior photo shoot with a wonderful young lady named April. She brought along her horse and I took photos of her in a grove near studio. As you can see, it turned out spectacular! The horse behaved and so did my subject. It was plain to see her and her animal companion had a real connection and I believe it translated on to the pictures quite well. It can be a challenge working with animals but they are such a part of the family that I love when they are included.

Her parents loved this shot so much that they are making a large canvas wall hanging of this one and another. What a great way to preserve the memories of their daughter and her love of horses.