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New Memories With An Old Truck | Gilbert Family Photography

New memories with an old truck, just what we captured on a recent family photography session.  When booking the appointment, our client, Julie, mentioned she wanted us to photograph her family along with a prized possession:  her Dad’s restored 1946 Chevy truck.  We drove with anticipation to their Gilbert home, excited to include such a treasure in these family portraits.

As you can see, we had quite a ball!  Julie had been thinking for quite a while about including their green gem in a family photograph, and it was a thrill for us to make it happen.  Julie and family were so pleased with their poses, they decided to choose this one for their custom holiday card.

 The Chevy certainly charmed us as well, and we wanted to know more about it.  Julie told us her Dad used the truck — which was originally red! — on his farm in Ohio.  He had it for about 20 years and used it daily to haul feed and farm supplies.  In 1993, Julie’s Dad worked together with a friend to restore it.  He liked the the color green and chose it for his truck’s new look.  In 2007, two years prior to his death, the entire extended family gathered around the truck on the farm to take a family portrait.  We love how this family now has not one, but two, portrait heirlooms!

At the time of Julie’s Dad’s death, he had three classic vehicles.  Julie and her two siblings each chose one to keep in their own immediate family.  Julie chose the truck and had it transported to Arizona where it now resides mostly in the garage, save for the occasional spin around the neighborhood!

We dug a bit deeper on 1946 Chevy trucks and were interested to learn….The 1946 Chevrolet truck was an interim model pickup carried over from the 1941 and 1942 model years. When the United States entered World War II, civilian vehicle production was halted and all vehicle production was converted for military uses. The 1946 trucks, from the era now dubbed the “Art Deco” period of Chevrolet trucks, provided buyers with new, light-duty pickups with 1941 styling until Chevrolet could gear up for full truck production in 1947.

Many thanks to Julie and her family for the honor of capturing new memories with an old truck!