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Desert Heaven | Arizona Photographer

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“The desert, when the sun comes up…I couldn’t tell where heaven stopped and the Earth began.”
― Tom Hanks


If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring one thing with you what would it be?  The best answer is a camera!  Often for us native Arizonians, we get tired of the dry, dull, desert plant life around us.  We miss the beauty around us because we are consumed with thinking that the grass is greener on the other side.  But what if on the other side of the hill there is not in fact grass as we expected, but endless armies of glowing cacti, agave, and copper toned stones.  It is no wonder that Tom Hanks thought he saw angels.

Past clients of ours, the Haugan family, recognized the beauty that stood only a short drive away.  They had not taken family portraits since the kids were “wee little” and we were still using film in our cameras!  Since their oldest son Jordan is soon to be married in March, this was Carmen and Naomi’s chance for an immediate family portrait.  Before they know their family will be growing!

We were delighted to do a location photo shoot with the Haugans as it gave us an opportunity for creativity- to combine many poses in what seemed like an endless choice of scenery for backdrops.  Between the stunning environment around us and this beautiful family, the result is a collection of remarkable photographs taken from their home state.

It would be our pleasure to further explore this desert scenery at the tips of our fingers, or a new location of hidden beauty with you and your family as well.






Attention All Husbands! | Gift of Family Photography

This blog is written specifically to aide all the men out there who find themselves struggling every year to come up with gift ideas for their wife.  Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, her birthday, or sometimes even her “birthweek”- purchasing a gift that is both useful and meaningful can be a challenge.  But props to Ken Hall for his creativity and thoughtfulness this past Christmas holiday!A couple weeks or so before Christmas day Ken came to the studio for a quick tour.  He then purchased a gift card for a family portrait session as a stocking stuffer for his wife Anita.  While this gift may not have been something that could be unwrapped, it definitely showed his love for Anita in the research and preparation.  It also gave them something to look forward to after the post holiday lull- a family photo shoot!

Ken and Anita have two kids who are now grown and married, which makes for a larger family portrait including the in-laws.  Here is an image Anita captured from her phone documenting the photo being taken of her kids and their spouses and below is the final product.  When these photos have been framed and hung in the home of the Hall family they will be the gift of a memory, which will last for years to come.

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Photography | Workshops | Are Back!

We are offering our Beginning Workshop on Saturday, February 1st from 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. and finishing up on Saturday, February 8th from 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.  Only $199 for this three part workshop!  This is a great opportunity if you missed out on taking one of our workshops before or just need a refresher.

Beginning Photography, Part 1, Knowing Your Camera (February 1st)

There’s no need to be scared of your camera anymore!  Jon will teach you how to navigate your menus, what buttons mean what and how to store your images.

Beginning Photography, Part 2, Control (February 1st)

Ready to get technical?  Of course you are!  We’ll show you how to use your camera to control your exposures and get what you want.

Beginning Photography, Part 3, More Control (February 8th)

Now that you know your camera, Jon will show you how to use some of the lesser known features and also how to get creative!

3 hands on classes for $199

Call today-space is limited!                  (480) 838-0885

Props for Poses! | Gilbert Family Photography

Bring your own props to Lamar Studios as our friends and neighbors the Walls did for their family photography session.  We often find ourselves encouraging high school seniors to bring items to their photo shoot which portray who they are such as an instrument or sports uniform.  Why not capture the same representation of families?  For the Walls, one of these props included their family blue beach cruiser.  Add an E.B. Browning quote and some red hydrangeas and you have a one of a kind vintage setting for your photos.  Placed into a chalkboard card, these family photos made the perfect fit for some tasteful Christmas cards.

This is one of the many Christmas cards we have had the pleasure of creating for our family clientele and we hope they have brought many smiles to your loved ones.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

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