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Haven’t replaced your outdated business headshot in a while? Lamar Studios can help with that! At our indoor photography studio in Gilbert, we have a variety of different backdrops to suit your needs. Here are 7 reasons why it might be time to update that business headshot.

Outdated photo.

Let’s face it, hairstyles and clothing change. If you don’t look anything like you do now in your headshot, time for a new portrait!


People want someone they like and trust. With a great headshot, they feel like they know you before you’


A business headshot lets your clients know that you take your work seriously.


Along with business cards and website use, who knows, someone might ask for it to highlight you and/or your business.

Imagery rules all.

In this day and age, we’re inundated with photographs on a daily basis. Sometimes, potential clients don’t even look at a resume, just the picture!


Human resource people do check social media sites. If you have a not-so-great business headshot, that could kill your chance of obtaining a client.

Different business.

Maybe you were a personal trainer and now you’re a realtor. They have two totally different clienteles that you’ll need to cater to.

Whatever the reason, Lamar Studios can help you get the photograph you need to convey the right message while maintaining a professional yet relaxed look!



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