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These days, everyone has a profile picture online whether it be on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter.  Not all of them tend to be the best angle, lighting or background though.  When you’re trying to gain business and make a good impression, your picture is the first thing clients see.

A good business headshot photographer should be able to bring out your personality while maintaining your professionalism.  You should use a professional photographer, but make sure you do your research.  Not all who claim to be a photographer are full time and it’s not their career.  You want to spend a little more for quality work and experience, this picture is important!

Each person has a unique look and style.  A good photographer should be able to get your personality to show.  Chatting during your session is okay, it helps relax you and you’ll naturally become more engaged with the camera.  Breathing is key too; taking a deep breath every so often gets you a fresh, new smile.

 A good corporate headshot photographer should also be able to photograph your “best side”.  Some people have features that look better at some angles than others and the photographer should be aware of how to position you to look your best.  The photographer should also have knowledge regarding the lighting and choosing the best background to make sure you don’t look washed out or your hair or clothes don’t blend with the backdrop.  A wardrobe change part way through the session could help freshen you up as well as give you another option for your portrait.  And don’t go too heavy handed on the post production work and retouching.  Remember, your headshot should look like you now, not 15 years ago!

All that being said, relax, have a little fun, and your corporate headshot will look just like…….you!





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