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For Years To Come | Family Photography


“Other things may change us, but we start and end with family.”~Anthony Brandt


One of the greatest rewards of owning a photography studio for twenty-five years is building relationships with returning clients; the privilege of watching families multiply over the years, kids grow up, and sometimes even those kids having kids!  Through every stage of life we have been here, watching our clients grow and change since 1993!  From the very beginning our goal and our commitment was to maintain relationships with our clients that last for years to come.  To look back at this dream, which has become reality, is incredibly rewarding and humbling.

After photographing many families, babies, high school seniors, expectant mothers, engagements, anniversaries, and all different people in different stages of life- our own growth and experience as photographers have developed as well.  The exciting challenge of staying both creative and original during many years of change and innovation has been a rewarding experience as well.  And what can be more rewarding than offering people the memoirs of shared moments with their loved ones that will last forever? Our Lamar Studios home page features a slideshow of images along with the caption “Right before your eyes…they are growing…will you remember the smiles?”  Let us introduce you to a few of the families who have given us the opportunity to watch them grow and capture some of those beautiful smiles.


The Cota family has been coming to us since their firstborn, Adrik, was a baby- now he is ten!  And not only is Adrik an older sibling to a brother, Adrion, but to his newborn sister Ariella.  The two boys have each expressed their own personalities in every shoot, and soon little sister Ariella will too!  The joy of watching this family’s children grow and change over the past ten years is what makes us so excited for every family shoot the Cotas entrust us with.

Cota Collage


The Lawlor family is one of our many connections from Seton Catholic High School.  Two of their oldest children, Sean and Carly, have already graduated and come through the studio for senior portraits.  In 2009 the Lawlors were the winners of a Lamar Studios gift certificate bidding at the school auction, which they used for a family photo session.  And it is our pleasure to continue photographing their family five years later!

Lawlor Collage


The Kortman family has a special connection to Lamar Studios from attending high school with Bethany Lamar back in the day.  Bethany has known Karl and Sharon before they were even a couple.  Now married with three kids- Kristen, Taylor, and Jordan- the couple has passed on their photogenic gene.  We can always count on a good time and a little bit of nostalgia when the Kortmans come in.

Kortman Collage

These are only a few of the families who have been coming to us over time and we are overwhelmingly blessed to have such lasting relationships through Lamar Studios today, and for years to come.

Desert Heaven | Arizona Photographer

Haugan22454 015copy

“The desert, when the sun comes up…I couldn’t tell where heaven stopped and the Earth began.”
― Tom Hanks


If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring one thing with you what would it be?  The best answer is a camera!  Often for us native Arizonians, we get tired of the dry, dull, desert plant life around us.  We miss the beauty around us because we are consumed with thinking that the grass is greener on the other side.  But what if on the other side of the hill there is not in fact grass as we expected, but endless armies of glowing cacti, agave, and copper toned stones.  It is no wonder that Tom Hanks thought he saw angels.

Past clients of ours, the Haugan family, recognized the beauty that stood only a short drive away.  They had not taken family portraits since the kids were “wee little” and we were still using film in our cameras!  Since their oldest son Jordan is soon to be married in March, this was Carmen and Naomi’s chance for an immediate family portrait.  Before they know their family will be growing!

We were delighted to do a location photo shoot with the Haugans as it gave us an opportunity for creativity- to combine many poses in what seemed like an endless choice of scenery for backdrops.  Between the stunning environment around us and this beautiful family, the result is a collection of remarkable photographs taken from their home state.

It would be our pleasure to further explore this desert scenery at the tips of our fingers, or a new location of hidden beauty with you and your family as well.






Attention All Husbands! | Gift of Family Photography

This blog is written specifically to aide all the men out there who find themselves struggling every year to come up with gift ideas for their wife.  Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, her birthday, or sometimes even her “birthweek”- purchasing a gift that is both useful and meaningful can be a challenge.  But props to Ken Hall for his creativity and thoughtfulness this past Christmas holiday!A couple weeks or so before Christmas day Ken came to the studio for a quick tour.  He then purchased a gift card for a family portrait session as a stocking stuffer for his wife Anita.  While this gift may not have been something that could be unwrapped, it definitely showed his love for Anita in the research and preparation.  It also gave them something to look forward to after the post holiday lull- a family photo shoot!

Ken and Anita have two kids who are now grown and married, which makes for a larger family portrait including the in-laws.  Here is an image Anita captured from her phone documenting the photo being taken of her kids and their spouses and below is the final product.  When these photos have been framed and hung in the home of the Hall family they will be the gift of a memory, which will last for years to come.

 Hall22441 114blog

New Memories With An Old Truck | Gilbert Family Photography

New memories with an old truck, just what we captured on a recent family photography session.  When booking the appointment, our client, Julie, mentioned she wanted us to photograph her family along with a prized possession:  her Dad’s restored 1946 Chevy truck.  We drove with anticipation to their Gilbert home, excited to include such a treasure in these family portraits.

As you can see, we had quite a ball!  Julie had been thinking for quite a while about including their green gem in a family photograph, and it was a thrill for us to make it happen.  Julie and family were so pleased with their poses, they decided to choose this one for their custom holiday card.

 The Chevy certainly charmed us as well, and we wanted to know more about it.  Julie told us her Dad used the truck — which was originally red! — on his farm in Ohio.  He had it for about 20 years and used it daily to haul feed and farm supplies.  In 1993, Julie’s Dad worked together with a friend to restore it.  He liked the the color green and chose it for his truck’s new look.  In 2007, two years prior to his death, the entire extended family gathered around the truck on the farm to take a family portrait.  We love how this family now has not one, but two, portrait heirlooms!

At the time of Julie’s Dad’s death, he had three classic vehicles.  Julie and her two siblings each chose one to keep in their own immediate family.  Julie chose the truck and had it transported to Arizona where it now resides mostly in the garage, save for the occasional spin around the neighborhood!

We dug a bit deeper on 1946 Chevy trucks and were interested to learn….The 1946 Chevrolet truck was an interim model pickup carried over from the 1941 and 1942 model years. When the United States entered World War II, civilian vehicle production was halted and all vehicle production was converted for military uses. The 1946 trucks, from the era now dubbed the “Art Deco” period of Chevrolet trucks, provided buyers with new, light-duty pickups with 1941 styling until Chevrolet could gear up for full truck production in 1947.

Many thanks to Julie and her family for the honor of capturing new memories with an old truck!


A Cabin In The Woods | Arizona Photographer

The wonderful family in this portrait is what makes this shot extra special to us.  We have photographed this family through the years, and we were delighted to partner with them again in a location that is near and dear to their hearts — their cabin in the woods near Payson, Arizona.  They cherish the times they spend together at their cabin and enjoy hanging out by this beautiful river.  Since this spot is special to them, they chose it for their family portrait.  Shooting out on location is always enjoyable because it affords us the opportunity to try many different poses and showcase the scenery as a stunning backdrop.  We’d be happy to take your family portraits in a location and setting that is special to you, too!





Like branches on a tree we grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one. Each of our lives will always be a special part of the other…

When Bethany and I began Lamar Studios in 1993, our mission was to take beautiful pictures and create lasting family remembrances.  We’ve accomplished what we set out to do and have taken thousands of heirlooms-quality portraits.  Yet, at the time, never could we have imagined what ultimately has been our greatest reward:  The privilege and honor we feel from  families who have trusted us over and over again with their family’s portraits.  It has been such a joy to see children and families grow through the years, and we are deeply grateful when families call on us time and again for their fine portraiture.

The Hagens are one such family.  We photographed them when the kids were younger, and they returned for their daughter’s senior portraits.  Recently, we welcomed the Hagens back again to our Gilbert studio for another family photography session.  We captured these pictures in the park-like setting of our outdoor studio and utilized one of our many sets in the shot of the siblings.

Thank you to the Hagen Family and all the families who continue to trust Lamar Studios with their portraiture.

First Communion Portraits | Gilbert Photographer

We recently photographed Abby  for her First Communion portrait.  Her mom has brought her other children in for First Communion pictures in the past and it’s always fun photographing them.  Abby looked so grown up in her white dress and she was a natural in front of the camera.  I could tell she was having fun!  Before we know it, we’ll be taking her senior pictures.

Arizona Mountain Biker | Senior Pictures

I love it when people have a passion for some sport or hobby. It makes it fun to photograph when they are eager to share that passion with me so I can capture some notion of them. Nick is one of the top mountain bikers in Arizona in his class. We shot everything near my Agritopia studio since I didn’t know he was bringing his bike and gear. It would be fun to go on location some day and get some action shots too.

These are a few of the ones I like.



Bass Playing Senior | Gilbert Photographer

When Cody walked in the door with his bass, I thought, what are we going to do with that huge thing. I had never had a bass in the studio before so I had him get it out of the case and then I had an idea for what to do with that huge thing. I love the beauty of the wood in string instruments and wanted to show it off but this photo was about Cody and how music is part of his life.

Cody and his dad were so easy going and helpful and went along with my ideas even though they had no idea what the end photograph might end like. I think we (the team at Lamar Studios, Cody and his dad) got some great images that they can enjoy and share for years to come.

Here are a few of my favorites.