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Christmas Extravaganza | School Photography


For the past few years we have had the pleasure of photographing Valley Christian High School’s Christmas Extravaganza, a performance collaboration of choir, orchestra, drama, and dance. After having all of Valley’s seniors in our studio over the summer for senior pictures, it is fun for us to see them perform and showcase their talents. As a photographer, it is always exciting to play a part in documenting these events. These students, who have spent weeks preparing and practicing for one night’s show, will have these photographs as evidence of their hard work. Years from now they can look back and remember the relationships they built, the abilities they grew, and the audience they pleased.





Harp in the Park | Gilbert Senior Photography

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Part of the process of a senior photo shoot is to capture the talents, hobbies, or prized possessions the individual has accomplished.  Throughout elementary and high school years, a child can devote countless hours of energy and attention to a sport or music that by the time they graduate this activity has become a part of who they are.  And in a photo shoot, our job and responsibility is to capture who these kids are. 

One senior, Alexis Dorsey, reflected her athletic skill during her original photo shoot but then decided to come back for a second shoot that reflected her musical skills.  Coming from a family of all sorts of musical capabilities, Alexis’s favorite specialty is the harp.  Of her many talents, playing the harp is to her the most rewarding. 

Capturing this special part of Alexis’ life was rewarding for us as well!  It allowed us to get creative and think outside the box.  In this case, the box we left was our studio.  Often when photographing large instruments the most difficult aspect is just getting it inside the studio, which for us is all set up downstairs.  But somehow we have managed to capture many harps, cellos, and basses in our studio and the only instrument unattempted would be a baby grand piano!  However, Alexis’ request to photograph her harp in a more unexpected location allowed us to use the green belt behind us instead of squeezing the instrument inside.  Besides practicality, this location offered a larger variety of backdrops and opened a whole entire possibility for imagination.

Even if we have had your senior in for photos before, we would love to have a second shoot focused around that special talent of theirs too!


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Desert Heaven | Arizona Photographer

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“The desert, when the sun comes up…I couldn’t tell where heaven stopped and the Earth began.”
― Tom Hanks


If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring one thing with you what would it be?  The best answer is a camera!  Often for us native Arizonians, we get tired of the dry, dull, desert plant life around us.  We miss the beauty around us because we are consumed with thinking that the grass is greener on the other side.  But what if on the other side of the hill there is not in fact grass as we expected, but endless armies of glowing cacti, agave, and copper toned stones.  It is no wonder that Tom Hanks thought he saw angels.

Past clients of ours, the Haugan family, recognized the beauty that stood only a short drive away.  They had not taken family portraits since the kids were “wee little” and we were still using film in our cameras!  Since their oldest son Jordan is soon to be married in March, this was Carmen and Naomi’s chance for an immediate family portrait.  Before they know their family will be growing!

We were delighted to do a location photo shoot with the Haugans as it gave us an opportunity for creativity- to combine many poses in what seemed like an endless choice of scenery for backdrops.  Between the stunning environment around us and this beautiful family, the result is a collection of remarkable photographs taken from their home state.

It would be our pleasure to further explore this desert scenery at the tips of our fingers, or a new location of hidden beauty with you and your family as well.