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We had the pleasure of photographing the Seton graduates the day of their Baccalaureate rehearsal.  We do this every year and today we photographed the largest class to date, almost 140 kids.  We also photograph individuals of any of the kids that want a solo photo and we do a photo of the entire class inside the church.  Now mind you, these kids are D-O-N-E with classes, graduation is tomorrow, so, if anyone had cause to be… as you might expect… suffering big time from  “senioritis” it should be these guys.  But what we had was 140 really great, fun, happy co-operative kids.  They were excited and easy to work with.  We had to incorporate about 30 or more bodies than past years, so it took a little while to arrange everyone properly for the shot.  They were patient and flexible, we were amazed and grateful. They gave us smiling faces and zero attitude.  Really, I don’t know what to say but, thank you!  Thanks so much to the Class of 2010 Seton graduates!  You guys are a pretty impressive group! We will miss you.

Jon and I wish you all the best and may God Bless you in your endeavors!  Here are a couple of photos of these extraordinary teens.   ~Bethany

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3 Responses to “Seton Class of 2010 | Senior Pictures Chandler”

  1. Ron Garvey - "Captain" Ron says:

    I am missing their faces already. They were a great class! Good luck to them all!

    “Captain” Ron

  2. Sue Gomez says:

    Loved the Senior photo’s, both the group shot and individual. Thanks for such a great chance to save these memories!

  3. Sue Gomez says:

    Loved the Senior Photo!

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