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“Ballet is an incredibly difficult, beautiful art form that takes a lot of training, a lot of time, and a lot of hard work.”~ Sutton Foster

You don’t need to be a successful Broadway performer such as Sutton Foster to experience the amount of dedication required in becoming a dancer.  Many little girls dream of becoming a ballet dancer but only some spend their entire childhood in training; missing social time with friends to practice and balancing after school classes with homework. At a very young age the dancer has to live out the values of patience necessary to rehearse the same movements over and over until their body can perform them as naturally as it breathes. This requires mental determination, to perform when the body wants to quit; sometimes resulting in temporary injury. Such valuable lessons are learned at such a young age.

When a high school senior asks us to document this talent in a photograph, it is an important request. A few photos will display an entire chapter of this person’s life. While some cute outfits may be bought at the mall a few days prior and the morning may be spent curling hair and applying make-up, the talent has been gained many years prior.

The elongated legs and elegant arms of the girl in arabesque are not only a beautiful art form but also a reflection of character and dedication. As she performs her various positions, leaps, and twirls, her smile takes on a very genuine quality. Her mother, sitting in the sidelines watching, tears up. The time spent driving her daughter to practices, purchasing costumes, and applauding at every performance reflects in her eyes. The spark speaks her pride in her daughter loudly. As a photographer, I love capturing these unique moments.



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