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“To me, photography is the simultaneous recognition, in a fraction of a second, of the significance of an event.”   Henri Cartier-Bresson

Put down your iPhone. It’s ok, go ahead. I know it’s scary, but it’ll be all right. You know what you should do? Use a professional photographer for the important events and times throughout life. Getting senior pictures is an important event. I know your uncle Bob or your “soccer mom” neighbor has a good camera and photography may be a serious hobby of theirs, but there are many great reasons to go with the professional.





For one, a good camera doesn’t mean a good photographer. So many people have a really good DSLR but don’t know how to use it. They put it on auto and let the camera do all the work. Then when they get a really great shot, they don’t know how they achieved the shot so therefore, they can’t recreate it. For instance, how to get the background soft and the subject crisp and sharp so the subject is the focus not the background. Lamar Studios photographers possess the technical skills to give you a great image, time after time.









An artistic eye is essential to creating a beautiful image. Along with being trained in the technical aspects of photography, our professionals have experience posing a subject so they don’t “seem posed” while creating an image that’s flattering and relaxed.

Knowing how to make you look your best is also our goal. One way to do that is putting our subjects at ease. At Lamar Studios, we like to ask questions and get to know the seniors we’re photographing. Where are you thinking of going to college? Do you know what you want to study? Oh, you’re in sports, how do you think the team will do this year? All of this talking and conversation helps people relax and not think too much about the fact that they’re getting their picture taken. We also work with an assistant to help with the details. Catching hairs out of place or a flipped collar is so important. Our senior clients can feel confident that we care about the details as much as they do. Mom and dad can sit back and relax and enjoy the shoot without the need to do any thing but smile and wave.







When using Lamar Studios, you’re getting creativity and expertise and consistency. We provide beautiful images, retouching services, prints or digital files if you choose, all in a timely and professional manner. Great photography is an investment to be sure. But those amazing senior photos will be artwork to be enjoyed for years to come. So why not put your best foot forward. Why risk such an important rite of passage to a well-meaning amateur? Isn’t it worth using a professional photographer to capture such an important time in life?

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