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Water Babies | Gilbert Arizona Photographer

My girls love to play in the water. My wife caught a few shots of the girls with the camera I got her for Mother’s Day. Those girls love water, dirt, rocks and fancy shoes. I am so blessed by them in so many ways.

Baby Makes Three / Mesa Az Baby Photographer

Jon and Erin recently brought their beautiful 3 month old baby girl Sophie into the studio for the first session of her “babies 1st year series”.   I really think the baby stuff we do is my absolute favorite.  Probably because I am strongly  aware of  how meaningful these images will continue to be to them over the years. The feelings of  happiness, exhaustion, fear, excitement… all of it comes flooding back when you look at  images of a new baby.  Newborns are still so mysterious at that age, I think, because you’re just starting to get to know their little personalities and expressions and habits.  They in turn are getting to know you as well.  What a beautiful time. Baby Sophie looks so much like her daddy.  She has a really strong connection to him.  So much so that, Erin told me when he travels for work, Sophie doesn’t really sleep… which means mommy doesn’t sleep either, but I guess that’s a small price to pay for a strong daddy, baby bond. : )

Anyway, here is a little sample of this beautiful family of 3.  Can’t wait to see them in a few months for session number 2.


Two Gorels / Two Girls

Every morning when I go down the stairs to get my two girls I have a good idea what is going to happen. First I go to Sophie’s room and get her out of her crib. This usually requires a little dialogue and trust me when I say that girl can talk and talk. After I get her out of her crib I ask her if she wants to get Lilly and she bolts out of her room and flings open Lilly’s door. I often carry her in just because she is so rowdy and has no concern about how loud or what might be in the way. Subtlety is not her strong suit but you have to love her enthusiasm.

Lilly is generally  standing up and ready to get out of her crib. She’s a peach. She has this infectious smile and way about her. Sophie is saying “hi Lilly” “hi Lilly” over and over. Lilly just says aghh, at least that’s what it sounds like to me but it probably means get me out of here. At this point Sophie’s on the ground and I pick Lilly up and head for the stairs. That’s when I hear “two gorels” which has a great deal of inflection and really means, daddy carry both of us girls up the stairs at the same time. Now I know why my back hurts. They love it and so do I. It’s such a little thing but it touches my heart everyday. That’s what I love about life. There are all of these little moments that happen in life and we are all blessed to be a part of. I know one day either she’ll quit asking or they’ll be too heavy, but until then I’m going to keep picking them up and hauling them up the stairs. They’re not heavy, they’re my two gorels.

Lilly | Baby Photographer Gilbert, AZ

I look at my strawberry blonde baby with her big crystal blue eyes and wide grin with just the two lower teeth showing and I can’t remember my life 1 year and 1 day ago. I know my life must have been “less messy” with just one baby in the house instead of the two we have now.  There was less laundry, less dishes in the sink, a little more leisure time, and a little more money in the checkbook.  I know there had to have been a lot more sleep in my life 1 year and 1 day ago, but I don’t care. The arrival of Lilly in our family has made this year so incredible, so exhausting and well, so miraculous.  I just wish I could rewind and replay most of it, so I could try and absorb it and savor it for just a little while longer.  Her first year went way too fast, as did Sophie’s, and now my baby girl is now 1.

As many of my friends are visiting colleges for their daughters and throwing graduation parties, planning weddings and even … ahem, baby showers for their grand babies, I have potty-training , 1st sleep over’s and swim lessons ahead of me and I’m thrilled.

So I will count my blessings, knowing I have so much to look forward to, being thankful for the past and what it’s taught me, and to be in the moment as often as I possibly can. ~Bethany