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What do I wear for my Business Headshot? | Gilbert Photography

Want to make sure you look your best for your business headshot?  There are several things you can do to make sure you look professional and make a great impression.

Think about who is going to be looking at these photos.  What image are you trying to project?  Are you an attorney or realtor?  Are you a doctor or physical trainer?  While all are professionals, each may need a different look.

At Lamar Studios, we love taking business headshots!  Clothing is an important part of looking sharp and one way to do that is make sure you choose something comfortable and that fits well.  It’s always harder to relax if you’re wearing an ill-fitting ensemble!  Also, make sure it’s clean and neatly pressed.

Make sure to stay away from busy patterns and unflattering colors.  Busy patterns pull your eye away from the subject but solid colors help keep the focus on you!  Ladies, avoid cap sleeves or sleeveless tops and dresses.  They make your arms appear bigger than they truly are.

It’s always a good idea to bring 2-3 different tops in different styles.  You might like a certain color more than another or you might like something with a different neckline.  Keep the jewelry simple too, we don’t want to distract from your face. Besides, we want your eyes to be the jewelry!

You can come our studio location in Gilbert or we can come to you.

In the end, your business headshot should exemplify you. So have some fun with it!


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