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For Years To Come | Family Photography


“Other things may change us, but we start and end with family.”~Anthony Brandt


One of the greatest rewards of owning a photography studio for twenty-five years is building relationships with returning clients; the privilege of watching families multiply over the years, kids grow up, and sometimes even those kids having kids!  Through every stage of life we have been here, watching our clients grow and change since 1993!  From the very beginning our goal and our commitment was to maintain relationships with our clients that last for years to come.  To look back at this dream, which has become reality, is incredibly rewarding and humbling.

After photographing many families, babies, high school seniors, expectant mothers, engagements, anniversaries, and all different people in different stages of life- our own growth and experience as photographers have developed as well.  The exciting challenge of staying both creative and original during many years of change and innovation has been a rewarding experience as well.  And what can be more rewarding than offering people the memoirs of shared moments with their loved ones that will last forever? Our Lamar Studios home page features a slideshow of images along with the caption “Right before your eyes…they are growing…will you remember the smiles?”  Let us introduce you to a few of the families who have given us the opportunity to watch them grow and capture some of those beautiful smiles.


The Cota family has been coming to us since their firstborn, Adrik, was a baby- now he is ten!  And not only is Adrik an older sibling to a brother, Adrion, but to his newborn sister Ariella.  The two boys have each expressed their own personalities in every shoot, and soon little sister Ariella will too!  The joy of watching this family’s children grow and change over the past ten years is what makes us so excited for every family shoot the Cotas entrust us with.

Cota Collage


The Lawlor family is one of our many connections from Seton Catholic High School.  Two of their oldest children, Sean and Carly, have already graduated and come through the studio for senior portraits.  In 2009 the Lawlors were the winners of a Lamar Studios gift certificate bidding at the school auction, which they used for a family photo session.  And it is our pleasure to continue photographing their family five years later!

Lawlor Collage


The Kortman family has a special connection to Lamar Studios from attending high school with Bethany Lamar back in the day.  Bethany has known Karl and Sharon before they were even a couple.  Now married with three kids- Kristen, Taylor, and Jordan- the couple has passed on their photogenic gene.  We can always count on a good time and a little bit of nostalgia when the Kortmans come in.

Kortman Collage

These are only a few of the families who have been coming to us over time and we are overwhelmingly blessed to have such lasting relationships through Lamar Studios today, and for years to come.

Studio Portraits | Chandler Musician

    Here at Lamar Studios we photograph patients for Doctor Blacker, an orthodontist whose office is in Chandler. Recently one of our clients, Sara,came in just after getting her braces removed. Having her braces removed wasn’t the only thing she was excited about because she also brought in her guitar!

   And of course we at Lamar Studios love when someone brings in a prop! It helps represent the kind of hobbies or interests they have. Sara brought in a couple different guitars. One had bright pictures of the old west pasted onto it and the other was a more classic looking acoustic. This allowed us to color splash the bright guitar and make the rest black and white in one of our shots (seen below), which made the guitar’s colors pop and make a cool, unique picture. All in all, she took great shots and gave us a lot to work with.

   Finally, this photo shoot gave Sara the opportunity also the use the shots for her aspiring music career. In the lobby of the studio she played a couple tunes for Jon Lamar’s little girls while they giggled and enjoyed the music. Sara says she enjoys writing thought-provoking, poetic music that makes someone look inwardly. In the end, she now has some great shots if she chooses to promote her music and who knows, she may be the next Joni Mitchell!


Studio Portraits | Outside and Inside the Studio

On this photo shoot we shot our subject, Tori, outside the studio and inside. There are advantages to both, that is why by doing both we gave her many options to choose from so that she was most satisfied with our work.

Shooting outside the studio gives us the advantage of having options we don’t have inside:

    •  Natural light. Natural lighting brings the skin tone out more evenly and results in a cleaner shot.
    • Opportunity to find an optimal location. In this case, a rustic wood fence or  an old tractor will give Tori’s portraits a more hometown, down-to-earth vibe.

The ability to choose the location and use the sun’s natural light are two advantages to shooting outside. Nevertheless shooting inside offer’s its own advantages as well.

    • Indoor shots are more intimate. For example, using the black and white filter on Tori’s studio shot of her sitting in a chair draws you in and gives the picture a classic look.
    • Also, the ability to manipulate light in the studio makes the shot have those extremely deep and ever so light tones so that the tones are rich and evenly distributed.

All in all, Tori’s shots came out great. With the use of outdoor and indoor lighting we were able to capture her in a great light. Also, with the use of a black and white filter make the picture look classic and with the onsite rustic fence give the picture that homey feel.

First Communion Portraits | Gilbert Photographer

We recently photographed Abby  for her First Communion portrait.  Her mom has brought her other children in for First Communion pictures in the past and it’s always fun photographing them.  Abby looked so grown up in her white dress and she was a natural in front of the camera.  I could tell she was having fun!  Before we know it, we’ll be taking her senior pictures.

Water Babies | Gilbert Arizona Photographer

My girls love to play in the water. My wife caught a few shots of the girls with the camera I got her for Mother’s Day. Those girls love water, dirt, rocks and fancy shoes. I am so blessed by them in so many ways.

Agritopia Garden | Gilbert Photographer

This Saturday I went with Bethany and our two girls to our local coffee shop, wisely named The Coffee Shop. I love being able to walk through our beautiful neighborhood and getting my favorite coffee and seeing my neighbors. After a while we strolled over to the Agritopia Garden to look at all the community garden plots. It’s really lot of fun to grow your own vegetables so I am told.  We don’t have our spot in the community garden yet but hope to have one soon.

The thing I love about our Agritopia community is that I see so many of our friends and neighbors when I go for a walk or get a cup of joe at The Coffee Shop. We also like going to Joe’s Farm Grill as well when we get a chance but with two small girls we need to keep moving.

Any way I can’t wait to get our little garden spot so my girls can go digging and play in the dirt. They sure do like dirt. While walking back to our house we saw a man who was picking carrots and gave a few to the girls. They loved it and when we got back home we washed the carrots and the girls ate them. Here are a few pictures of us wandering through the garden area. It really is the simple things in life that are so special to me.

Christmas pictures of the kids | Gilbert Photographer

I love taking photographs of my kids. They are just amazing to me and never cease to make me laugh.

One of the things I love about photography is getting a snapshot of that special moment in time. I love spending time with them and enjoying the things they do that are unique to them. The great thing about capturing those moments is that when I look at the photos it helps me think about all things they were doing at that time of their life.

I am looking forward to Christmas this year since they both are into it. I am trying not to spoil them too much. Sophia will be three next month and Lilly is 20 months. Time flies when you’re having fun.

Have a Merry Christmas, I know I will.

Festive Fall Photographs | Children’s Photographer AZ

Here are a few of the photographs from our Pumpkin Patch Pics event. My little girl is the cute cowgirl. Child Princess PhotographSWAT child family photographer Mesa AZ
Children's Photographer MesaI had a really great time with our Pumpkin Patch photographs this year. This was the best fall set I think I have ever seen except for Mother Nature in New England. There were so many great costumes. I am always surprised at how many different costumes there are and how creative people are.

We photographed a duck and some turkeys and a few princesses, a cowgirl, a clown and few ninjas. There were more but you’ll have to look at our facebook page to see all of them.

I always enjoy photographing the kids in their costumes. It seems like Halloween is  as much or more for the parents. Being a parent myself I confess that I enjoy seeing my little girls all dressed up. Often the children are struggling to walk in their costumes with out falling down or they are trying to pull the hat or head off.

All in all it was a success, although I would like to see more people next year. Next year will be even better.

Pumpkin Patch Pics | Agritopia Gilbert Children Portraits

I am really excited that we are doing this after taking a break for so many years. Some of you remember the halloween photos from the old photography studio. I get a little nostalgic thinking about all the kids in their costumes and how excited they are to be whatever superhero or princess they chose. I remember some of the children standing there on our photography set surrounded with pumpkins and corn stalks, a little shy and not knowing what to do. It was always fun and exhausting at the same time.

I see photography through different eyes now that I am a parent. It touches me in a more personal way. Even as I am thinking about all the kids we photographed in the past I imagine my girls and wonder what halloween will be like for them.

There aren’t many things better than pretending to be someone or something. And then there’s the candy thing. Who doesn’t like that?

The best part for me is I get to have all those memories of not only my kids pictures but everyone else’s too.

By the way, the chef below is mine! This year she is going to be an indian princess.

kids photography

Bring your children in their costumes to LAMAR STUDIOS and we’ll photograph them on our fabulous Fall Set. For $5 you’ll recieve a 5×7 of your little ones compliments of Lamar Studios.
You can also vote for the best costume! The winner will recieve a $50 gift certificate to Joe’s Farm Grill in Agritopia. We will announce the winner on our Facebook fan page on November 10th.


• Good for one 5×7 per family. (Additional prints may be purchased)
• One grouping per family.
• Please, no scary costumes.
• Saturday Oct. 30th at 10:00am to 4:00pm. First come first serve, no appointment necessary.
• Food for the Hungry is a faith based non-profit organization. To find out more about Food for the Hungry go to

Honoring # 31, A Job Well Done | Senior Portraits Chandler

Over the years we have been fortunate to get to know the Robertson family.  They have come into Lamar Studios for family photography, puppy photos, senior pictures and sister photos among other things.  So when Melinda, their mom, called us to see if we would photograph her beautiful daughters for a special honor they we were receiving we said YES!

All 3 girls attended Valley Christian High School, and were very active in athletics, especially basketball.  The girls wore the same number on their jersey, (I think it’s the one mom wore when she was in high school}, number 31.  Since Quinn, the youngest of the three is now graduating, the school has decided to retire the jersey number 31 as a special honor to the  Robertson girls for all their hard work and contribution to VCHS’s auspicious girls athletic program over the years… Yea, they were that good! Isn’t that cool???

Anyway, we wanted to say “a big congratulations” to Alex, Lyndsay, and Quinn Robertson.  Way to go girls!  ~ Bethany